Jury Duty

Employees who are called for jury duty or summoned as a witness in federal and state courts, will be granted Jury Duty or Court Leave. The employee must notify his or her supervisor or department head at the earliest possible date prior to the start of their civic responsibility. The employee is responsible for submitting proof of juror service to Human Resources.

Court Leave will not be granted if the employee is the defendant, or is engaged in personal litigation unless the litigation arose from the performance of his or her job responsibilities. Jury Duty/Court leave shall not affect any employment rights of an individual.

Compensation of Employed Jurors for First Three (3) Days of Juror Service

In accordance with the Massachusetts jury statute, M.G.L., c. 234A, Section 48, each regularly employed trial or grand juror shall be paid regular wages by his or her employer for the first three days, or part thereof, of juror service. Regular employment includes: full-time, part-time, temporary and casual employment.

Juror Compensation - 4th Day of Service Onward

For Trial Jurors Only: Upon the fourth day and every day thereafter, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts compensates trial jurors at a rate of $50.00 per day

For Grand Jurors Only: The amount of compensation grand jurors are paid by the Commonwealth, for the 4th day and every day thereafter, is determined by the court but may not exceed $50.00 per day.

Compensation from the College

If Trial Jury service and Grand Jury service exceeds three (3) days of court service, the college will pay the difference between the employee's regular pay and the amount received from the Commonwealth. The employee retains any expenses paid by the Commonwealth for travel, meals, room, or incidentals. The employee's pay statement from the College will show his or her regular gross wages and the dollar amount of juror compensation subtracted from the wages.

Reporting to Work if Excused from Jury Duty

An employee who is excused from service by the court, is expected to work at the College if there is a minimum of three and one-half (3.5) hours remaining in the employee's regular work day.

Proof of Service

As evidence of having performed juror service, individuals receive two (2) copies of the Juror Service Certificate from the Office of the Jury Commission each week of service. The Certificate also lists any compensation paid to the juror. Employees must submit one copy of each Certificate received to Human Resources in a timely fashion.

Harassment by Employer; Penalties and Enforcement

Under Massachusetts law it is unlawful for an employer to deprive a juror-employee of his or her employment or any incidents or benefits thereof, or to harass, threaten, or coerce an employee because the employee has received a juror summons. An employer shall not impose compulsory work assignments upon any juror-employee nor shall the employer do any other intentional act which will substantially interfere with the availability, effectiveness, attentiveness, or peace of mind of the employee during the performance of his juror service.