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NEASC Self-Study

As chair of the Steering Committee for Institutional Self-Study, and on behalf of Sr. Mary Reap, President, I am formally announcing to the greater Elms College community that the college is undergoing a Self-Study in anticipation of our decennial comprehensive evaluation by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Elms College will host an evaluation team from NEASC on April 7-10, 2013.

From the NEASC website, accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of self-regulation of higher education that serves two purposes: assuring the public of quality and fostering institutional improvement. The Commission's Standards for Accreditation establish criteria for institutional quality, that are essentially qualitative criteria that measure the institution's current state of educational effectiveness. They allow the Commission to appraise a wide variety of collegiate institutions, differing in purpose, size, organization, scope of program, clientele served, support, and control. Accredited colleges and universities demonstrate their integrity through their continued voluntary compliance with the Standards for Accreditation.

Leading the Elms College Self-Study process is a Steering Committee composed of individuals representing all Elms College constituency groups, trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general community. Over the course of the past year, sub-committees chaired by members of the Steering Committee have been meeting to review and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to assess the state of the institution in comparison to regionally-developed standards, and to help us set projections where we would like to be in the future.

We welcome your questions and comments during this process.


Walter C. Breau, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Chair of the Steering Committee for Institutional Self-Study

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