Elms College campus in the fall

Steering Committee Members

  1. Mission
    • Sr. Carol Allan, Director of Campus Ministry
    • Dr. Janet Williams, Biology Professor
  2. Governance, Planning and Evaluation
    • Valerie Bonatakis, Director of Constituent Relations
    • Teresa Winters-Dunn, Associate Dean of Students
  3. The Academic Program, Library
    • Debra Gomes, Librarian/Professor
    • Dr. Kathleen Scoble, Director of Nursing
  4. Students
    • Patrick Carpenter, Director of Annual Giving
    • Dr. Elizabeth Hukowicz, Associate Academic Dean for Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
  5. Physical and Technological Resources
    • Dr. Christine Schrauf, Nursing Professor
    • Michael Sullivan, Director of Campus Operations and Public Safety
  6. Financial Resources
    • Elaine Pinkos, Associate Professor/Assistant Librarian
    • Gary Russett, Controller
  7. Integrity and Public Disclosure
    • Dr. Joyce Hampton, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Student Success
    • Rebecca Lescarbeau, Coordinator of Admission Services

Board Members

  • Russell Omer
  • Dr. Kathleen Riordan
  • Sr. Maxyne Schneider
  • Dr. Julie Smist

Student Representatives

  • Ben Masse '10
  • Leanne Price '13
  • Shelley Sheridan '13

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Academic Affairs
Karalee A. Yvon
Senior Administrative Assistant