Curriculum and Courses

BA/MBA curriculum

Master of Business Administration (30-36 credits)

Core MBA courses (15 credits)

 BUS600 Managerial Finance and Data Analysis  
BUS610 Globalization and Social Responsibility  
BUS620 Leadership and Teamwork  
BUS630 Current Events Impact on the Economy  
BUS640 Cases and Readings in Strategic Management  

Courses for accounting concentration (15 credits)

 ACC613 Business Law and Ethics for Accountants  
ACC623 Advanced Cost Accounting  
ACC603 Corporate Taxation  
ACC633 Non Profit and Government Accounting 

Courses for healthcare leadership concentration (21 credits)

 ACC602 Accounting for Managers  
HCL615 Business Dynamics of Healthcare  
HCL625 Budgeting in Healthcare   
HCL630 Policy, Law, and Ethics in Healthcare  
HCL635 Managing Human Capital in Healthcare  
HCL650 Information Systems in Healthcare and Nursing   
HCL660 Global Issues in Healthcare  

Courses for management concentration (21 credits)

 ACC602 Accounting for Managers  
BUS612 Legal Environment of Managers  
BUS622 Production and Operations Management  
BUS624 Organizational Behavior & Development   
BUS642 Managing Innovation and Technology  
BUS652 Strategic Human Resource Management  
BUS662 Global Marketing Management