Business Management and Marketing

Get in on a growing field: Employment of top executives is projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022 as new organizations spring up and existing ones expand, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Degree Completion Programs in Business Management and Marketing develop an understanding of the business profession and ethical obligations including a global awareness and an appreciation of the impact of diversity in the work place. They develop proficiency in using technology, with the ability to use the computer to analyze numerical information, to organize data, to aid in decision-making, to facilitate research, and to communicate effectively.

Bachelor's of Arts Traditional Day Program

The GCC/Elms Bachelor of Arts Traditional Day degree program in Management and Marketing is designed for students who already have the Associate’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can be completed in four 15-week semesters with half the courses scheduled F2F on a Tuesday or Thursday during the day and half the courses scheduled online. There are no classes during the summer or January breaks. Students follow a cohort model and progress through the courses and the curriculum with a core group of students providing a network for formal and informal peer interaction and networking. The program is accredited by IACBE, the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education.

Recommended Course Sequence


BUS 248 Global Business Environments
BUS 375 Organizational Behaviors
BUS 333 Advertising (online)
BUS 365 Marketing Research (online) 


BUS 377 Intentional Marketing
BUS 481 Career Development
BUS 332 Sales and Sales Management (online)
BUS 341 Gender and Diversity (online)


BUS 311 Principles of Financial Management
BUS 482 Business Internship
HTH 200 Introduction to Healthcare (online)
BUS 317 Business and Society (online)


BUS 329 DECA Leadership Experience
BUS 480 Business Strategy
BUS 340 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (online)
SPM 201 Sport Management (online)