Curriculum and Courses

Major in Secondary Education

All courses carry three credits, unless otherwise indicated.

Initial License in one of the following: 

biology, English, history, or mathematics, Grades 8-12;Spanish, Grades 5-12

Major Requirements 36 credits

EDU 100 Introduction to Schooling and Education

EDU 108 Writing for Educators

PSY 214 Children’s Learning and Development

EDU319 Students with Special Needs     

EDU 343 Models of Inclusion

EDU 370 Secondary Instruction

EDU 330 Secondary Curriculum

EDU 360 Seminar in Professional Education

EDU 491 Educating English Language Learners

One of the following:

EDU 430A Biology (8-12) Initial Practicum (9 cr.)

EDU 430C English (8-12) Initial Practicum (9 cr.) 

EDU 488A Foreign Language/Spanish (5-12) Initial Practicum (9 cr.)

EDU 430D History (8-12) Initial Practicum (9 cr.)

EDU 430E Mathematics (8-12) Initial Practicum (9 cr.)