Curriculum and Courses for Writing Concentration

Major in English with a concentration in writing

(Minimum at Elms College: 15 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.0)

All courses carry three credits, unless otherwise indicated. 

Major Requirements (36 credits)

ENG 133 Critical Approaches to Literature
ENG 201 World Literature I  
ENG 202 World Literature II 
ENG 381 American Literature I
ENG 382 American Literature II
ENG 392 Advanced Writing

Choose two upper-level (200+) English literature courses (6 credits)

Choose four upper-level writing courses (12 credits)

During this course work, the student is responsible for assembling a portfolio of written work representing six of the following areas:

  • Medieval Literature
  • Renaissance Literature
  • Restoration-18th Century British Literature
  • 19th Century British Literature
  • 20th Century British Literature
  • 21st Century British Literature
  • Colonial and Federalist American Literature
  • 19th Century American Literature
  • 20th Century American Literature
  • 21st Century American Literature
  • World Literature
  • Theater/film/television criticism
  • Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • A Theoretical Approach