Religious Studies

Why Study Religious Studies at Elms College?

The Elms College religious studies program offers you the opportunity to study a subject that speaks to the person, the community, and the world. Students interested in diverse religious traditions can begin to study Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism as a foundation for graduate study in comparative religion, the role of religion in society, and interfaith dialogue.

Courses in religious studies explore topics that open up fundamental questions about meaning, spiritual life, and values. Courses provide opportunities to research and discuss such issues as death and dying, care of the environment, and social injustice through the lens of faith and doctrine.

What Can You Do With a Religious Studies Degree?

The undergraduate major in religious studies meets the needs of students who want to explore the foundations of Christianity, with an eye toward graduate study, as well as the Catholic who might be interested in ministry as a lay or ordained member of the Church. 

Religious studies graduates often complete advanced degrees and work in churches, community service organizations, and nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life for people everywhere. 

What's the Next Step?

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