Spanish major Kaylee Hotchkiss '12 secured a full-time position teaching Spanish in Palmer High School before she had even graduated from Elms. She is still teaching in Palmer today and has returned to Elms to complete her M.Ed. degree.

Why Study Spanish at Elms College?

Languages from around the globe are written and spoken more and more in our daily lives and in the workplace. Spanish in particular, the third most widely spoken language in the world, has become an integral part of American society.

Our Spanish major follows a program of language learning plus courses that explore Spanish and Latin American history, literature, film, and culture, from antiquity to the present. Elms offers opportunities to study abroad in Spain and Latin America to develop your linguistic abilities and cultural understanding.

What Can You Do With a Spanish Degree?

A degree in Spanish from Elms College can help prepare you for a better job, whether your interests lie in education, nursing, international business, social work, law, or other fields.

To increase your career options, our Spanish program collaborates with other academic disciplines to offer double majors in Spanish and legal studies and Spanish and social work.

What's the Next Step?

Take a look at the curriculum for our program, contact us to learn more, or sign up for a campus visit. Ready to apply? You can do it online.


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