Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Why Study at Digital Forensics and Cyber Security at Elms College?

Reports of new computer viruses and hacking incidents are in the news every day, and affect more and more people and organizations - even governments. Our digital forensics and cyber security minor is designed to meet the growing need of preventing and detecting computer crimes in our digital age. Cyber security refers to securing computer systems and networks to prevent computer crimes, while digital forensics involves the detection of computer crimes once they have occurred. Our minor is unique in combining in the fields of criminal justice and CIT (computer information technology). 

What Can You Do with a Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Minor?

This minor will prepare you for a career in digital forensics and cyber security, and is a great specialization to add to a CIT or criminal justice major. Graduates can work in federal, state, and local government criminal justice agencies or in the IT departments of private companies.


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