Associate of Arts

The associate's degree consists of 30 credits of paralegal coursework and 30 credits of general education liberal arts courses. Upon completion of the associate's degree, you will have earned the ABA-approved advanced certificate. If you wish to continue your studies at Elms College, all 60 credits will be applied toward a bachelor of arts degree.

Associate of Arts Degree

(Minimum at Elms College: 27 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.67)


Paralegal Courses (18 credits)
LEG 204 Introduction to Legal Studies I (3 credits)
LEG 205 Introduction to Legal Studies II (3 credits)
LEG 206 Principles of Litigation (3 credits)
LEG 333 Computer Assisted Legal Research (3 credits)
LEG 363 Law Office Computer Applications (3 credits)
LEG 465 Advanced Research and Writing (3 credits)

Legal Specialty Courses (12 credits)
Choose four: LEG 253-495


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