Social Services Paralegal

Bachelor of Arts in Social Services and Paralegal Studies

If you are a people person with a passion for the law and helping your community, a career as a social services paralegal is perfect for you because you work one-on-one with people who are in the system for myriad reasons. Social service paralegals are able to utilize their social service skills in communicating with clients and assisting in resolving issues or helping clients through the court system.

Graduates can begin their careers by working in positions in the justice and correctional system. Commonly, our graduates find jobs with district attorneys' offices, social service agencies, victim-witness groups, in community service settings, child advocacy or probation departments, and prisons.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

(Minimum at Elms College: 27 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.67)

Major Requirements (58 credits)

Paralegal/Social Services Courses (28 credits)
LEG 204 Introduction to Legal Studies I (3 credits)
LEG 205 Introduction to Legal Studies II (3 credits)
LEG 206 Principles of Litigation (3 credits)
LEG 295 Gender and Diversity in The Law* (3 credits)
LEG 333 Computer Assisted Legal Research (3 credits)
LEG 334 Interviewing & Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)
LEG 363 Law Office Computer Applications (3 credits)
LEG 465 Advanced Research and Writing (3 credits)
LEG 480 Internship (4 credits)
* Students may substitute LEG 451 Elder Law.

Legal Specialty Courses (9 credits)
Choose Three: LEG 253-495

Social Work Courses (18 credits)
SWK 101 Introduction to Social Work (3 credits)
SWK 204 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3 credits)
SWK 301 Social Welfare Policies (3 credits)
SWK 302 Social Work Practice I (3 credits)
SWK 305 Social Research (3 credits)
SWK 307 Social Group Work (3 credits)

Capstone Course (Choose one) (3 credits)
LEG 455 Advanced Paralegal Seminar
SWK 404 Survey of Social Work Issues

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