Core Curriculum

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

The reason a college education makes such a big difference is that it gives you more than just career preparation. Besides educating you to become a great nurse, paralegal, accountant, or teacher, a great college education also teaches you to think differently about the world by showing you the way history can connect to law and the way technology and medicine intertwine.

A college education that strengthens your writing, analytical thinking, and communication skills, while giving you a broad and complex picture of the world, prepares you to take your place in it, and to meet any challenges that come your way.

Our core curriculum is a set of course requirements for all students, that target your growth and improvement in the following areas:

  • Spiritual and Physical Well-Being
  • Intellectual Development in the Liberal Arts
  • Critical Thinking and Communication
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding
  • Service Learning/Community Service

Your mix of core courses can be different from someone else's but the goal is the same. See our course catalog or talk to your advisor to explore your options.