Healthcare Management online

The Elms College degree completion program in Healthcare Management provides professionals with a background in operations, budgeting, planning, analysis, law, and ethics within the broad umbrella of health services. Candidates become familiar with principles and practices of management, marketing, human resources, and critical issues in health care. Three curricular strands are woven throughout the program: communication, cultural competence, and leadership. This program is completely online providing students with the ability to learn in whatever environment they are comfortable in.

What Can You Do With a Healthcare Management Degree?

The program will provide knowledge and skills necessary for administrative positions in nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, managed care, and other healthcare organizations.

Program Prerequisites

An Associate’s degree from an accredited college; a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology; SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology; and MAT 142 Statistics. 42 residency credits required for an Elms College degree.

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Kristine Gomes, M.A.T.
Program Coordinator for Elms College at
Greenfield Community College