Lean LaunchPad

Lean LaunchPad Course Begins March 2017 

Lean LaunchPad is an 8-week course, consecutive Fridays beginning March 3, taking teams down the pathway of building an idea into a venture by creating an entrepreneurial experience with all of the pressures and demands of an actual early-stage startup.
This methodology teaches budding entrepreneurs how to assess whether their idea or product concept has a realistic opportunity for profitability and can serve as the basis of a business. This course can also be adapted for social entrepreneurship as well. The best part is that before you invest significant funds you can find out what the customers really want and “pivot” if necessary–essential for a successful startup.

How does it work?

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Why Take This Course?

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Lean LaunchPad: The Week-by-Week Course Outline

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To Apply:

You must attend all classes in the sequence and dedicate a significant amount of time outside of class. Conceptual business ideas can be across any commercial spectrum.

The course is open to Elms College students and alumni, members of the general public and the business community. Elms College is the only academic institution offering the Lean LaunchPad course in the Pioneer Valley. 

Application information: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with the final due date on February 24, 2017.

8-week course fee- $550 per person/$2000 for a team of 3-5.

Lean LaunchPad Course Outcome

The outcome of the class is an investment-ready business model and commercialization plan for the idea or technology that the team has been exploring. Equally important is the experiential and evidence-based learning that will inform and shape the students’ ongoing research.



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