Certificate Programs in Business Administration

Forensic Accounting

Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Forensic Accounting

Occupational fraud from asset misappropriation is a costly crime inflicted upon firms small and large. As a result, organizations are taking a more proactive and strategic approach within their companies to identifying fraud through economic transaction analysis. This type of complex accounting examination expands far beyond a typical audit, and demands a specialized skill set in forensic accounting expertise. 

Elms College Forensic Accounting  --  an advanced graduate studies certificate program to prepare accounting professionals, auditors and law enforcement personnel who may support litigation teams on accounting related cases. 

This graduate certificate program requires a Bachelor's degree in accounting or related field, with a minimum of 2 years exposure to accounting practices.  Consisting of a five course sequence, the Forensic Accounting program combines accounting knowledge with auditing and investigative skills to view the reality of the whole business situation. The program is taught by industry executives on the front lines of managing forensic engagements.

If you already have an accounting MBA, only 4 courses are needed to complete the certificate. Completion of Principles of Forensic Accounting may be applied toward an Elms MBA. Contact us for additional details. Forensic Accounting course descriptions can be viewed and downloaded.