Nursing and Health Services Management Curriculum

Core Courses

NUR 505 Nursing Knowledge and Practice

NUR 515 Translating and Intergrating Evidence into Practice

NUR 532 Health Care Policy and Advocacy

NUR 640 Leadership and Management

Total Credits: 12

Concentration Courses

NUR 601 Technology: Methods and Tools for Graduate Study

BUS 501 Accelerated Business Foundations

HCL 615 Business Dynamics of Healthcare

HCL 625 Budgeting in Healthcare

HCL 635 Managing Human Capital in Healthcare

HCL 650 Information Systems in Healthcare and Nursing

HCL 660 Global Perspectives in Healthcare Management

NUR 706 Nursing Management Practicum I

NUR 707 Nursing Management Practicum II

Total Credits: 27

Total Degree Credits: 39