Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

Elms College offers a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program open to students who have earned a B.A. or B.S. from an accredited college or university and need further undergraduate course work to meet professional health program prerequisites.

This program is designed to prepare the student to enter graduate or professional school programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, optometry or any other professional health program. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.

The Postbaccalaureate Premedical MCAT preparation program is both a record enhancer AND a career-changing program. 

Record Enhancer Program enables students that have already taken the premedical prerequisites to take the required courses again.  Students benefit from re-taking the premedical prerequisites not only to improve their GPA, but also to prepare for the standardized exams required for entrance into many clinical health disciplines. Students who are admitted for the Record Enhancer program can complete the program in 2 semesters (less than 1 year). 

Career Changing Program enables students that have never taken the premedical prerequisites to take them for the first time.  This will provide the students with the needed courses to prepare for entrance exams as well as to apply to clinical health programs. Students who are admitted for the Career Changing Program can complete the program in 4 semesters (less than 2 years).

Why choose the Elms College Postbaccalaureate Premedical program over other programs?

The Postbaccalaureate Premedical program at Elms College is an intensive preparation program taught by a committed group of professors in a small setting. Students receive individualized attention specific to your plan of study.  Students are guided through their program and strategically advised for progression to the next steps in their career by an experienced premedical advisor. 

Elms College offers students subsidized opportunities to take MCAT/DAT/OAT/PCAT preparatory courses. Additional opportunities are available for tutoring, working as a laboratory assistant or other positions while at Elms College. Qualified students will be provided with a committee letter for their application to a professional clinical health program. Elms College Premedical Advisor, Dr. Janet Williams, is a member of the NAAHP, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions.   

What are the requirements for admission to the Postbaccalaureate Premedical program at Elms College?

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree in any discipline from an accredited university or college-either a B.A. or B.S.. 


  • Provide a personal statement of intent. 

  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation, one must be from an academic resource. 

  • Submit transcripts from your undergraduate institution(s). 

  • Students must submit proof that they have earned their baccalaureate degree. 

  • International students ONLY must submit a TOEFL score.    

What is the cost of the program?

  • Tuition is $584 per credit hour. 

  • One time comprehensive program fee of $1,000. 

  • A $20 registration fee is charged at the time of registration. 

  • Financial Aid is available for qualified students. Contact Elms College Financial Aid Office.   

How does a student qualify for the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program Certificate?

  • Students must complete a minimum of 27 credits at Elms College that are designated Premedical prerequisite courses.

  • Students must maintain a 3.0 average for courses taken at Elms College while in the Postbaccalaureate Premedical program. 

  • Prospective students must show a commitment of service for people (or animals if they are interested in veterinary school).  They must be empathetic and genuinely concerned with the well being of people (or animals for pre-veterinary students).  They should show a record of volunteering, of having leadership roles, and/or teaching or tutoring.    


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