Campus Housing

When you live on campus, our residence halls become your home, our dining hall is your dining room, and you'll find dozens of new places to hang out with your friends. Elms has no residency requirement for enrolled students, but we highly encourage students, even from the local area, to consider living on campus. Aside from convenience to classes, labs, the dining hall, the Alumnae Library, the Maguire Fitness Center, Leary Field, and many other events and activities, living on campus allows you to surround yourself with your fellow Blazers as you all head towards the goal of academic success.

For some students, living on campus is their first time living away from home, or sharing a room with another person. For all students, living on campus is an experience that enhances and enriches their college experience outside of the classroom. Your residence hall is more than just a place to sleep and study, but a place to build lifelong friendships with students who are different from yourself. Activities hosted by resident advisors cover a range of topics, from cultural to social to educational, and provide opportunities for personal growth, development, and community building.