Residence Halls

Devine Hall

Devine Hall is the only all-women resident housing option on campus. This option is open to first year and upper class students who understand that camaraderie is an essential element of the college experience. We offer events focused on topics such as leadership, health, careers, spirituality, and community - all tailored to women.

Built in 1957, Devine houses 40 students on two floors of double rooms. Devine is conveniently located next to the Maguire Center (campus fitness center) and Our Lady's Chapel. Devine is equipped with a large common room that includes a full kitchen and a laundry room. The floor plan can be found here: Devine Floor Plan.

O'Leary Hall

O'Leary is a great choice for living on campus as an upper class student. As a resident here, you can expect to find support around social activities, recreational activities, career development, leadership and educational opportunities.

O'Leary Hall, built in 1922, is our oldest and one of the most familiar buildings on campus. As a student living in O'Leary you will enjoy a variety of living spaces. This hall houses up to 180 students with options for single, double, triple, and quad rooms on all four floors (Men and women live on separate floors).  Each room has unique features, from walk-in closets, to large windows, to nine-foot ceilings.   Common spaces in O'Leary are very comfortable and just as unique.  O'Leary has both small gathering alcoves on each floor and a large common room with a flat-screen TV on the first floor.  O'Leary also has the "Great Hall", a large oriental-carpeted common room for studying, and large group events. The O'Leary floor plan can be found here: O'Leary Floor Plan.

Rose William Hall

Rose William Hall (Rose) is an ideal housing choice as a first year student. Living in the largest residence hall, the focus in Rose William Hall is to help familiarize you with our community so that you make the jump from high school to college a great experience. Resident Advisors (RA's) on every floor are there to help you connect with other students and to get you involved on campus. 

Built in 1964, Rose houses up to 180 students on three floors and is located closest to the college center. Men and women live on separate wings on each floor, sharing a large family-room styled common area and kitchen with microwave, fridge and sink. There is a large common room area on the 1st floor with a wide flat-screen television for you and your friends to watch events together. The Rose William floor plan can be found here: Rose William Floor Plan.