Liturgy at Elms College

The celebration of Mass is at the heart of our Catholic spirituality and identity. Together as one, as we gather to celebrate our faith, the liturgy helps us lift our hearts and minds to God. We are strengthened and inspired by the Word of God, receive the presence of Jesus in Eucharist, and are sent forth to “love and serve.” The Liturgy actively reminds us that “as we pray, so we believe, and so we live.”

The Office of Campus Ministry coordinates all the liturgies on campus as well the student liturgical ministries. Students are welcome to become involved by serving as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers or serving at special celebrations.  Students will be assigned on a rotating basis. Students, please contact the Campus Ministry Staff if interested in becoming involved with a liturgical ministry.   

All are welcome to celebrate at our liturgies.    

Mass Schedule 

Daily Readings