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Living on Campus: Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions about living on campus, just like any new student. We've done our best to answer the most commonly asked questions here. If you don't see your question answered, just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  1. Do residence halls stay open during holidays and breaks?
  2. Are the residence halls carpeted?
  3. What's an RA?
  4. Do I have to live on campus?
  5. Can I bring my microwave or refrigerator?
  6. Is there a meal plan?
  7. Where can I get my mail?
  8. Will I have someplace to plug in my computer? How do I get online?
  9. Will I get my own phone?
  10. Can I have guests stay over?
  11. Can I bring my car to campus?
  12. Where can I do my laundry?
  13. Can I bring my pet?
  14. What are the quiet hours?
  15. Is there extra storage space on campus?
  16. Should I bring my XBox or PS3?
  17. How are roommates assigned?
  18. How can I change rooms?
  19. How are rooms selected?
  20. What if I lose my key?
  21. I need some help. Who do I call?

Do the residence halls remain open during holidays and breaks? Back to top.

The residence halls do not stay open during holidays and breaks. It is the residents' responsibility to know when the breaks/closing periods take place and to plan ahead to ensure that they have somewhere to stay off campus. Dates are sent to each student at the beginning of the academic year, please see the office with any questions. 

Are the residence halls carpeted? Back to top.

O'Leary Hall is carpeted in the hallways and in some rooms. Rose William Hall has no carpeting in the hallways or rooms, as it offers a very clean tile look. Devine Hall is carpeted in the hallways and in certain rooms.

What is an RA? Back to top.

An RA (Resident Advisor) is a student staff person who works for the Office of Residence Life. The RAs are responsible for helping students with any issues they might encounter while in the residence halls. RAs help connect students with other students, campus resources, and the greater Elms College Community. In addition, RAs are responsible for enforcing college policy in the residence halls.

Are students required to live on campus? Back to top.

We do encourage all of our students to give living on campus a try, but it is not a requirement. Many of our students commute to the college each day.

Can I bring a microwave and refrigerator with me? Back to top.

You can bring a small refrigerator with you 3 cubic feet or less, but you cannot bring a microwave. Single and Double rooms can have 1 fridge, triple and quad rooms may have 2 (due to electrical limitations).  Each residence hall has a microwave on each floor that students can use. To view a list of suggested items to bring and not bring, click here.

Is there a meal plan? Back to top.

Each resident on campus is required to carry the college's meal plan. The options are a 200 block meal plan, or an unlimited meal plan. For more information, please visit the dining services website.  

What is the best way to receive mail and packages on campus? Back to top.

Each resident student is assigned a mailbox with a combination lock. For students to receive mail: have the sender address the mail to the college's main address (291 Springfield Street, Chicopee MA 01013), and include the student's name and mailbox number.

Should I bring my computer and are the rooms wired for computer connections? Back to top.

If you own a computer, it is a good idea to bring it to school with you. Students do not need to bring a computer with them, as the college does have computer labs on campus. Elms College is a wireless campus, so if you do bring a computer, you should make sure that it is wireless compatible.

Does the college provide me with a phone? Back to top.

The college does not provide students with a phone, nor is there the option to activate a phone jack in rooms. 

Am I allowed to have guests in my room? Back to top.

You may have overnight guests with prior authorization from your roommate(s). Guests will not be allowed in a room unless all occupants in that room are in agreement. Residents must fill out a permission form with the office of Residence Life when they will be having overnight guests, residents may have a maximum of 8 overnight guest visits per semester. All guests are subject to college regulations and residence hall policies. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and guests should be escorted at all times. If a student feels his or her roommate(s) are not abiding by this policy, it is his or her responsibility to notify a residence life staff member. Guests need to sign in at the front desk each time they visit, and also sign out when they leave.

Can I bring a car to campus? Back to top.

All resident students are allowed to have cars on campus as long as they have obtained the proper parking permit from the Department of Public Safety. Visit the campus map to view the parking lots available on campus. 

Are there laundry facilities on campus? Back to top.

All three of our residence halls have washing machines and dryers. The cost is $1.50 for a washing machine and $1.50 for a dryer. If you experience an issue with a washer or dryer, please visit our Laundry Machine Work Order online form to submit a work request.

Am I allowed to have a pet in the residence halls? Back to top.

Students may have fish as pets with the consent of their roommate(s). Each room may have one 5-gallon aquarium. Students who have fish should arrange for someone off campus to care for them during holidays and breaks. No other pets are permitted. Animals are not permitted to visit in the residence halls, including interior and exterior hallways.

What are quiet hours? Back to top.

Quiet hours are in effect from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. on weeknights and 2 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, so you and your neighbors may study and sleep. In addition, 24 hour quiet hours go into effect the week before and the week of midterms and finals. Residents have many different schedules and lifestyles, but you will find life a lot easier if you respect each other's right to healthy habits. If other students in your hall are bothering you with noise, you have the right (at any time of day or night) to ask them to be quieter. If trouble persists, feel free to notify your RA, who has the option and authority to set disciplinary procedures in motion. Students are encouraged to keep the volume of their speakers or other devices at a reasonable level at all times, to be respectful of others who live in the building and on the floor.

Are there any storage facilities? Back to top.

There are no storage facilities on campus. Students are responsible for moving all furniture and other belongings at the end of the academic year. Students are charged a moving and disposal fee for any items that are left behind.

Can I bring my gaming system? Back to top.

Yes. Elms requires students to use the gaming wi-fi network to utilize these systems. For assistance, students can email the Technology Help As a reminder, the College takes no responsibility for loss of personal property, and we highly encourage doors to remain locked at all times. 

How are roommates assigned? Back to top.

Each summer, first year students receive a roommate questionnaire. Based on the information from these questionnaires, the housing office does the best they can to match roommates based on similar preferred study times, majors, and academic and social interests. After the first year, residents go through the room selection process where they select their own roommate.

When can I change my room assignment? Back to top.

There is a freeze on room changes for the first two weeks of each semester. After that, residents can request a room change through the Office of Residence Life. Room changes are not guaranteed, and are only approved if attempts at mediation have failed. To request a change, please visit Elms Room Change and fill out the form.

What is the room selection process? Back to top.

Room selection is the process by which rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors pick their rooms and roommates for the following academic year. Each student in each class is issued a lottery number at random. That number indicates when you will pick your room. If you are a sophomore who has been issued number one, you are the first person in your class to pick a room.

What do I do if I lose my room key? Back to top.

If you lose your room key, you should report this information to the Office of Residence Life immediately. In most cases you will be charged a replacement fee for the key and an additional fee if the lock on your room needs to be changed. See your room and board contract for costs associated with key replacement.

Who do I call for help? Back to top.

If you are in need of emergency assistance, call 911. Campus Safety and Security can be reached at 413-265-2278 (24 hours per day). For assistance with noise concerns, or general Residence Hall issues, please call the RA on duty (number is listed in visible locations in your Residence Hall).

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