Student Activities

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities is here to provide students with a variety of co-curricular programs to enrich their college experience while creating a sense of belongingness and community among the Elms campus. We encourage all students to actively participate in the programs offered and to truly "get involved" on campus. Stop by our office in the Student Center! Click the links to the left to find out more information.


Each semester there are a variety of travel trips offered to students at a discounted rate. We encourage students to take advantage of these programs to see the what the surrounding area has to offer. Past trips have included; New York City and Boston day trips, ski slopes, amusement parks and theater performances. Click the tab to the left to see what travel trips are planned for this semester!

Special Events

There are a variety of different programs and events that come to campus each semester and are free to all students. Click the tab to the left to find out more information!


Different entertainers are brought right here to our campus every semester. To find out what entertainers we will have this semester, click the tab on the left!

Game Room

The Elms College Game Room is attached to the dining room, and is open from midday to evening Monday through Friday. Click the tab to the left to find out more about our Game Room!


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