Money Essentials

Money Essentials

Mission Statement

ME! Money Essentials promotes financial literacy throughout the Elms Community. Through a series of programs and counseling sessions, ME! Money Essentials will strengthen one's understanding of budgeting, investing, borrowing, taxes, credits, as well as general fiscal responsibility and effective financial decision making.


ME! Money Essentials has partnered with CashCourse to provide financial literacy tools and lessons.  Register online today at to create your own account!  You'll find a glossary for financial terms, tips and guidance on budgeting, paying down debt, or making major purchases like a house or car.  There are worksheets for debt recovery, establishing an emergency fund and creating a monthly budget, as well as calculators and videos like the one found below on a number of important topics that will help you make informed financial decisions. 


Budgeting Basics from CashCourse on Vimeo.

Financial Literacy Presentations

Be on the lookout for ME! Money Essentials presentations throughout the year!  We will be covering topics such as credit, debt managements, taxes, and budgeting. 

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