Alumnae Library
Debra Gomes
Associate Director & Head of Library Technology


Library computer policy

The following are the policies regarding the computer use of the library's Public Access Computers, located near the Reference Desk, on the library's main floor. These computers are available to all who enter the library, but in cases where need surpasses the number of computers, the policies below will establish usage priority:

1. Academic Research has first priority.  Word Processing and/or PowerPoint usage for classroom assignments is allowed if a computer is not needed for academic research.

2. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the Elms College community working on research or assignments will be given first priority. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the Elms College community wanting to use computers for personal use will be given second prioirity. Other patrons wishing to use the computers for research, assignments, or personal use will be given third priority. If all computers are in use, computer users can be asked to give up a computer for someone who has a higher priority. More computers are located in the labs on the basement floor, so students wishing to use computers for personal use, such as social networking, may be aksed to move to those computers, in cases where the Public Access Computers are needed for research and/or assignments. 

3. Printing is $.05 per page. Payments should be made at the Reference or Circulation Desks. Currently, printing and access to the electronic databases via the favorites link are only available from the library profile. To avoid frustration, patrons should always leave the computers on the library profile. If a patron has any question on this policy, he/she should ask at the Reference or Circulation Desk for help.

4. Students wishing to log in under their own profiles should ask a library staff member to do so.

5. All files saved on the public library computers will be accessible to all users. In addition, these files will be periodically removed by library staff. Computer users wishing to safeguard their work should e-mail it to themselves.

6. Since a number of people use the library computers, patrons should never customize the desktop or software for their individual needs.