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This page gives step-by-step directions to Email Lists. Use Related Links on the right to view directions for other sections in the NoodleBib program.


To E-mail Lists (Bibliographies)

If you are working in a group or your professor wishes you to share you bibliography with the entire class, you may e-mail your list using this function.

To E-mail a List

  1. Once a List (Bibliography) is completed
  2. Click on the name of the list to open it
  3. Click the "Email" button
  4. In the "Your Name" field - type your name and your class - ex: Donna (Nur101)
  5. In the "Your Email Address" field - type your e-mail address
  6. In the "Send to (Email)" field - type the e-mail address for your fellow students separating each address with a comma
  7. If you have Notecards attached to your List - you will see an "Include Notecards" checkbox. If you wish your fellow students to view your notecords - add a checkmark to the box. If not, leave blank.
  8. Click "Send"
  9. You will see a green bar on the top of the screen with the following: "The e-mail has been sent successfully"


To View an Emailed List Message

  1. Your fellow students will receive the following in their e-mail:

Subject line = NoodleBib Source List (9/23/2008)
Attachment = noodlebib.rtf
Message =
Greetings from NoodleTools!

Donna (Nur101) has created an APA source list using NoodleBib, a Web-based bibliography composer at To view the source list, save the attachment named noodlebib.rtf on your computer and open it in Microsoft Word or any other word processor that supports the RTF document standard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the NoodleTools Help Desk:

Thank you,
The NoodleTools Team

  1. Click on the attachment
  2. Click "Open" to view - the attachment should open in both Microsoft Office 2003 & Office 2007 automatically