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NoodleBib Sharing Lists

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Share a List | View Instructor Comments | Delete Comments

This page gives step-by-step directions to share a List/Bibliography. Use Related Links on the right to view directions for other sections in the NoodleBib program.


Sharing Lists (Bibliographies)

Sharing Lists (Bibliographies) with your instructor allows you to receive and send comments, questions, and/or feedback about various resources chosen for your research project. Any Notecards created for a specific resource may also be viewed by your instructor.


To Share a List (Bibliography)

Once a List (Bibliography) is completed either:

  1. Open the list to be shared & click on the "Share" button at the top of the screen


  1. Place a checkmark next to the list to be shared in the "My Lists" view - then click the "Share" button at the bottom of the screen
  2. In the "My Name" field - type your full name (the instructor won't recognize your Personal ID)
  3. Under "Class Name" - type in the name the instructor has provided for you
  4. Click the "Share" button
  5. You will see a green bar on the top of the screen with the following: "This list has been shared successfully with Psychology 101"
  6. Click "My Lists" from the top navigation - you will see a checkmark in the column that says "Shared?"


To View Instructor Comments

  1. At the "My Lists" page - look under the column entitled "Shared?"
  2. You will see the word "New" in yellow
  3. Open the list
  4. All comments for the same citation will be sorted by the most recent first
  5. All comments will show at the bottom of the citation and will include the following information:
  6. The comment
  7. The instructor's name
  8. The date the comment was written
  9. The time the comment was written
  10. The link to delete the comment (directions listed below)
  11. Once the comment is read and changes made - share your List (bibliography) a 2nd time with the instructor. He/she will be able to see the changes that have been made.
  12. There is no reply to comment available. However, you can use the Notecard function to send a reply if your instructor gives permission to do so.
  13. Follow directions above to create Notecards
  14. Create a cluster that says "Comment Responses"
  15. With the List (bibliography) open - click "New" under the Notecard column
  16. Type in title - make sure it includes something about responding to the comment
  17. Under the "My Ideas" box - type in your response
  18. Click "Create Notecard"
  19. Your instructor will be able to view your response when reviewing the Notecards

NOTE: Do not use the Notecard response option if your Instructor has not agreed to use Notecards for this purpose. They are not shown automatically in the instructor's account. He/she must open them separately.


To Delete Comments

If you choose to permanently delete comments sent by your instructor:

  1. Open the list
  2. Locate the citation with the comment to be deleted
  3. Under the comment click the link "Delete Comment"
  4. You will see a green bar on the top of the screen with the following: "Your comment has been deleted successfully"

NOTE: Any comments that are kept will not be transferred to the final document when printed or saved.