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Firefox (MAC)

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Firefox 1x or Later | To Remove Cookies

Firefox 1.0 or Later - Macintosh Version

To Enable Cookies

  1. Choose "Preferences" from the "Firefox" menu
  2. Select the "Privacy" icon
  3. Select the triangle next to "Cookies" to expand it.
  4. Check "Allow Sites to Set Cookies." You cannot disable cookies in Firefox without disabling the session cookies required for Online Banking. Instead, you may choose "Ask Me Every Time" from the drop-down box next to "Keep Cookies."
  5. Select "OK"

To Enable Java Scripting

  • Not Available


To Remove One or More Cookies from your Computer

  1. Open the Task menu, choose Privacy & Security, and then choose "Cookie Manager"
  2. Choose "View Stored Cookies" from the submenu
  3. The "Cookie Manager" window opens with a list of all cookies stored on your computer
  4. Select on or more cookies and click "Remove Cookie" or click "Remove All Cookies"
  5. You can also choose to prevent the removed cookies from being reaccepted later

NOTE: To remove cookies, follow the steps in this section. Do not try to edit the cookies file on your computer.