Section III Part 2: Goals for the New Library Director

Based on information gathered during planning meetings in November, December, and January with library staff, as well as interviews with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and best practices as identified in the academic library literature, the director has set the following goals for himself:

1.  The director will work with the VPAA to integrate library planning into the College's strategic planning process

2. The director will work with the VPAA to establish a Library Advisory Board to evaluate and guide library planning, facilities, and services. Faculty and students should be represented on this board.

3. The director will work with the VPAA to ensure the continuation of faculty status for librarians in accordance with ACRL Faculty Status Standards and the Elms Faculty Handbook

4. The director will work with the Tenure and Promotion Committee to ensure that tenure track librarians are evaluated under the process established in the Faculty Handbook.

5. The director will work with library staff and library stakeholders to oversee a Strategic Plan every third year, in dialogue with previous strategic plans. In addition, the director will oversee the creation of an Annual Plan at the beginning of each fiscal year

6. The director will create an Annual Report at the end of the fiscal year to assess the library's progress

7. The director will create a grant seeking culture in the library.

7.1 Beginning in 2013, the director will work with library staff to investigate the possibility of collection, technology, preservation, capital outlay, and programming grants, creating grant writing teams with appropriate library staff, and leveraging current strengths of the library to better the chance of being awarded the grants.

7.2 In Spring 2013, the director will reach out to Institutional Advancement by having its staff visit the library for and information session, and then having its staff routinely visit the library for updates.

8. The director will revisit the library's hours as the number of nontraditional students rises. As a long-range plan, the director work with administration to create a Night Reference Librarian position.