Section IIII Part 4: Library's Collections' Goals

In conjunction with the library director, the systems librarian, and the liaisons, Technical Services is responsible for the acquisition and preparation of library resources. Emphasis has been placed on purchasing and maintaining an efficient electronic resource management system. Better management of electronic resources should allow the library to provide appropriate content, improved access, and effective support. The systems librarian is devoted to managing, promoting, and enhancing the usability of these resources. The following are a list of goals and objectives for the library's physical and digital collections:

1.      The library staff will seek to evolve its collection from physical resources to digital ones.

1.1.   The archivist and the special collections librarian will establish working teams to conduct the day-to-day management of digital collections.

1.2.   The library staff will store important physical resources, even if digitized, as archival copies.

1.3.   The library director, working with the systems librarian, will secure licensing agreements that allow for digital ILL.

2.      The library staff, led by its head of technical services, will review and refine its physical collections, eliminating items that are no longer relevant to the curriculum and which have no historical importance.

2.1.   The library staff will develop a plan for storing its remaining physical collection.

3.     The systems librarian will improve access to resources through enhanced bibliographic data and increased use of metadata in all library systems.

4.      The systems librarian, in conjunction with circulation, will accurately measure usage of library resources and work with library staff to eliminate underutilized resources.

5.     The reference team will identify needs for increased instruction and promotion for underutilized resources.

6.      The library director and systems librarian will maintain and build relationships with library consortia to maximize the library's purchasing power.

7.      The director will work with administration to position the library so that can partner in the creation of a digital repository for faculty publications.