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Health and Science

Census Bureau Contacts/Ask the Experts

Census Bureau Diagram of Geographic Hierarchy

Census Bureau News Releases

Census Bureau Product Update

Census Bureau Survey of State and Local Government Employment Payroll

Census Bureau Training

Census: Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in 15 Developing Countries

Census: Consolidated Federal Funds Report for FY 2003 (State and County areas)

Census: Election of November 2002: Voting and Registration Population Characteristics

Census: Federal Aid to States for FY 2003

Census: Geography PowerPoint presentation

Census: Population Estimates

Census 2000 Basics

Census 2000 Geographic Changes Glossary

Census 2000 Geographic Terms and Concepts

Census 2000 Special Reports

Census 2010 Planning: A Reengineered Census of Population and Housing

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (WEB SITE)

Computer and Internet Use in the U.S. (2001)

Current Bibliographies in Medicine (CBM) (WEB SITE)

DTC Overview

Economic Census (2002)

Emerging Infectious Diseases (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)

Endangered Species Home Page (WEB SITE)

FDA Consumer - Food and Drug Administration Home Page (Search under Index for title) (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)

Geographic Areas Reference Manual

GrayLit Network (Science portal of technical reports)

Health Care and Social Assistance Services Annual Survey

Health Information/Healthfinder (WEB SITE)


LandView 6 (Viewer for EPA, U.S. Census, and U.S. Geological Survey data and maps)

Local Employment Dynamics

Local Employment Dynamics: Profile of Older Workers: Maryland

Medline Plus (WEB SITE)

MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)

Monthly Vital Statistics Report (MVSR) (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)

National AIDS Clearinghouse (WEB SITE)

National Bioethics Advisory Commission (WEB SITE)

National Center for Health Statistics (WEB SITE)

National Council on Disability (WEB SITE)

National Institute of Health (WEB SITE)

National Institute of Mental Health (WEB SITE)

National Library Medicine (NLM) (WEB SITE)

National Library Medicine (NLM) Fact sheets (WEB SITE)

National Vital Statistics Report (NVSR) (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (WEB SITE)

Specialized Information Service (WEB SITE)

Tracer Bullets (Science Reading Room of Library of Congress) (WEB SITE)

Vital and Health Statistics Series (ELECTRONIC JOURNAL)