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Matthew Sheridan
Head of Digital Special Collections & Technical Services


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 Federal Depository Library Program

The College of Our Lady of the Elms has been designated a Federal Depository Library (#0261) since 1969. The Alumnae Library services the academic community and the residents of the thirty-nine cities and towns that comprise the Second Congressional District. The Alumnae Library welcomes public inquiries regarding available government materials located at the library. Most of the Federal Document collection circulates and is made available for academic and public use.



The Alumnae Library selects approximately 22% of the Federal Documents available with concentrations in subject areas such as Biology, Education, Foreign Language/International Studies, Health Science Management, History, Business Management, Mathematical Sciences, Federal Government and Federal Legal Proceedings. If you require assistance regarding the Federal Documents Collection, kindly contact Matthew Sheridan, the Documents Librarian.


Electronic Resources

The library offers access to the Elms College's Government Depository holdings through the college's OPAC. The in-house computer station in the Alumnae Library is dedicated solely to locating and accessing Federal Documents selected by Elms College. Using the Internet, you may also access the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications or the Electronic Collection of the Federal Depository Library Program.