Alumnae Library
Anthony Fonseca
Library Director



Book Memorial Program


Please accompany your Book Memorial with the appropriate Book Memorial Request form, which can be obtained at the library (at the Circulation Desk) or can be found online. The online form can be printed and filled out, or can be filled out and submitted online. If you have questions about the form, call Library Director Tony Fonseca at 413-265-2281.



The Alumnae Library Book Memorial Program is designed so that patrons who wish to support our collection can help by leave a lasting memorial for a loved-one. Memorials will be honored for 25 years after they have been given to the college, at which point the library will make a determination on whether to continue retention of the memorial book based on its appropriateness to the college at that time and its physical condition.

If you are interested in donating a Memorial Book and have questions about the process, contact the library.

The Memorial Book will be purchased as soon as possible and a commemorative book plate will be placed inside the front cover. A memorial card will be sent to a person of your choice (who you MUST identify on the donation form—and include the person’s address as we do not have access to that information otherwise), and a second card will be sent to you. The Memorial Book is then placed into the Alumnae collection for at least 25 years.