Distance Education Program

How Alumnae Library Supports Elms’ Distance Education

Mission Statement

Alumnae Library supports The Elms’ mission to “provide up-to-date, comprehensive research material to support the college’s mission and its academic curriculum. This is accomplished by providing an organized and readily accessible and diverse collection of print, multimedia, and electronic materials to further the education of students.” As part of that mission, the library aims to meet the needs of Distance Education students by meeting various Distance / Distributed Education support criteria defined by The Association of College and Research Libraries in 2008:

  • Providing access to adequate library services and resources. Members of the distance learning community are entitled to library services and resources equivalent to those provided for students and faculty in traditional campus settings.
  • Instilling lifelong learning skills through general bibliographic and information literacy instruction. The library attempts to meet this need through its web presence, e-mail contact, social media presence, and phone contact.
  • Providing highly personalized library services to offset the lack of daily contact that on-campus students receive.
  • Providing funding for digitally-based ready and equivalent library service and learning resources to all students, regardless of location.

Information Delivery Services

Circulating books and other circulating physical format items (not also available in electronic format) will be made accessible via our CW/MARS consortial agreement. This allows distance students to use the services at their local public library to borrow print-only and other physical materials from Alumnae Library.

Journal and magazine articles available only in physical format from Alumnae Library will be, at the request of the distance education student, scanned and forwarded as an e-mail attachment providing that the intended use of the article is for educational purposes associated with a class being taken as an Elms student.

Electronic books and digitized articles, as well as other digitized content, will be made available to distance education students via the library’s website. Students will see that the fifth link in the bottom right-hand corner of the website leads to a page that will allow distance education students to register their Elms identification cards as library cards. Once they have done this, they have access to the library’s databases, usually after a 24 hour processing period.


Other helpful information is available on the Alumnae Library website, especially on the Help page, the Services page, the Research page, and the Course Guides page.