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Access in the Library | Access at Home| Access from the Library Website

This page gives step-by-step directions to access NoodleBib. Use Related Links on the right to view directions for using the NoodleBib program.


How To Access Noodle Tools

In Alumnae Library

  1. Use the Reference computers
  2. Click "Bookmarks" or "Favorites"
  3. Click "Noodle Tools" or "NoodleBib"

In Your Home
Point your browser to one of the following:


At the Library Website

  1. Click "Electronic Databases" (on sidebar of homepage)
  2. When prompted, enter your library card number
  3. Click "NoodleBib"


Alumnae Library
Michael Smith
Interim Reference Librarian


Library Tech Support

Alumnae Library
Debra Gomes
Librarian/Professor Serials/Systems