The Blue House Visiting Writers Series will present a reading by writers Rachel B. Glaser, Seth Landman and Ted Powers.

Writers Series to Host Readings by Glaser Landman Powers

The Blue House Visiting Writers Series will present a reading by authors Rachel B. Glaser, Seth Landman and Ted Powers.

Visiting Writers Series to Host Readings by Glaser, Landman, Powers

The Blue House at the College of Our Lady of the Elms will present a reading by writers Rachel B. Glaser, Seth Landman and Ted Powers at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 15. A reception will precede the event at 7 p.m. This free event will be held at the Blue House, located at 147 Grape St., and the public is invited.

The trio of writers was hand-selected for this reading by Dan Chelotti, assistant professor of English at Elms College, who designed the event to be entertaining -- “I think there will be a lot of laughs at this reading,” he said -- but also inspirational for writers in the audience.

“These three writers are tackling as much of the world as they can in their poems and stories,” Chelotti said, “and I hope that those who attend will think again about everything they can write about when they sit down to do so.”

He rattled off a list of the writers’ diverse achievements: “Landman was recently called a 'master of quotidian poetics' by Publisher's Weekly. Powers can hold conversations with umbrellas. James Franco recently took a selfie of himself holding Glaser's novel.

“These are three very different writers, but they share one great thing in common: You get the feeling that anything -- anything at all -- can happen on the next page.”

Rachel B. Glaser studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design and fiction at UMass­ Amherst. Her books include the novel Paulina & Fran, the story collection Pee On Water and the poetry collection MOODS. Her work has appeared in journals including McSweeney’s and American Short Fiction, and in the anthologies 30 Under 30 and New American Stories. She lives in Northampton, Mass.

Glaser’s work is very character driven. “I like diving into different characters' minds and turning them all against each other,” she said.

Seth Landman is the author of Confidence (2015) and Sign You Were Mistaken (2013). His work can be found in Boston Review, iO, Jellyfish, Lit and elsewhere. He received his Ph.D. in creative writing and literature from the University of Denver (2013) and an MFA from the University of Massachusetts (2008).

“I'm not sure exactly how to describe my work, beyond saying it is poetry,” Landman said. “I seem to keep coming back to writing poems that are self-exploratory or maybe even ‘confessional,’ although that word has a lot of negative connotations in poetry.

“Over many years of writing poems, poetry just seems to be the best way I have of trying to understand and cope with the world. I'm trying to write poems that help me live, that increase my empathy and my ability to love myself and everybody else.”

Ted Powers is the author of Please Light Up (2015). He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst MFA Program for Poets and Writers. He is a contributing editor for jubilat. He edits Basketball. His work can be found in Jellyfish, Big Lucks, Sixth Finch, Vinyl and elsewhere.

In his poems, Powers likes to “examine how mistakes, miscommunications, and complete chance play a massive role in informing our realities.”

“I am interested in taking apart idiomatic language, rearranging accepted categorization, and subverting conventions,” he said. “I hope anyone who hears my poems feels a little more comfortable existing with uncertainty.”

All three have taught or are currently teaching for Elms College. They all also write for the basketball website The Peach Basket: Poets on Basketball, of which Powers is head editor.