Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, foster father to Jesus. St, Joseph is the patron of – among many others - the dying, the universal Church, fathers, carpenters, and social justice.

Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus, Guido Reni (c. 1635)

“Joseph was a man who always listened to God’s voice, a man attentive to the messages that came to him from the depths of his heart and from above. He did not persist in pursuing his own plan for his life, but was ready to place himself at the service of the thing that was presented to him.” -Pope Francis

St. Joseph's Day

Today, Friday, March 18, Elms College is celebrating St. Joseph's Day. Several Sisters of St. Joseph will be attending the 12:15 p.m. Mass in the Alumnae Library Theater and staying afterwards for lunch. All are welcome to attend - please bring your lunch to the dining room annex and eat with the sisters!

Prayer to St. Joseph

St. Joseph, Daring Dreamer, teach us to listen and trust in our dreams.

St. Joseph, Guardian-Defender, help us to be vigilant and responsive to the world in which we live.

St. Joseph, Carpenter, you show us how to elevate our work to the sacred.

St Joseph, Humble Servant, you show us how to live with a pure heart. Remind us to remain humble and to simplify.

St. Joseph, Teacher, may your example strengthen our resolve to help others more.

St. Joseph, you gathered strength and peace in God’s promises. Stay with us during life’s transitions.