The concept of a vending machine used to be associated with frustration: the worn B and 9 buttons from consumers selecting the most popular candy bar, the dollar slot that only accepted crisp bills, and the spiral metal rod that never twisted far enough to drop your potato chips, leaving a nice two-for-one deal to the next lucky customer.

Amy Maschi

Months after receiving her MBA, Amy Maschi '13 took on a new position in a whole new field.

MBA Grad Puts Pieces Together in New Career

Fri Aug 30, 2013

The concept of a vending machine used to be associated with frustration: the worn B and 9 buttons from consumers selecting the most popular candy bar, the dollar slot that only accepted crisp bills, and the spiral metal rod that never twisted far enough to drop your potato chips, leaving a nice two-for-one deal to the next lucky customer. 

Now that very same machine has a digital interface and accepts credit cards. The machine was not replaced, rather it was the product of remanufacturing, a field that is all too familiar to Amy Maschi '13.

Amy was drawn to the flexibility of Elms College when compared to other MBA programs. As an accountant in the healthcare field, she liked that she could take courses in both the accounting and healthcare leadership tracks. As a mother, she liked the convenience of being able to take the class on campus or view it online.

After working in accounting positions in the retail, non profit, and healthcare industries, Amy accepted a position as a staff accountant with Gekay Sales and Service after graduating last spring. The remanufacturing company is a new challenge for her. Remanufacturing looks at the components of a given product and identifies what areas need to be improved or repaired. Amy takes a similar approach to her work.

"I wanted to broaden my horizons and this gave me the chance to have my hands in multiple pots: accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory ... to go through all those pieces so that, as an accountant, I can put those pieces together and be able to follow it and not just look at one side," Amy said.

Amy says that her experiences in the MBA program taught her to think at a higher level.

"Without my MBA, I wouldn't have grown to the point I am at now. I can articulate better, present myself better, and am more willing to try new things," she said.

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