After a career in journalism, Pam Robbins decided to turn her attention to writing and publishing a children's book.

Pam Robbins ’66 Book Signing of “Oranges and Giraffes: A Story About Friends”

Mon Sep 30, 2013

Pam Robbins ’66, children’s book author of “Oranges and Giraffes: A Story About Friends” will return to her alma mater for a book signing in the Alumnae Library on October 6. Pam, who graduated from Elms College in 1966, has worked as a reporter, columnist and copy editor at several newspapers including The Hartford Courant and the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Pam’s inspiration to write her first children's book came from many experiences in her own life: “The storyline itself was inspired by the fact that we have seen people of all ages left behind by friends and we are left feeling bewildered about it.” acknowledges Pam.

From the very beginning when we are introduced to Molly Lee to when we discover that a giraffe can be friends with a mouse, Pam ultimately weaves a tale of how meaningful friendship is and how it is worth a chance. Even the title of the children’s book was inspired by friendship: “I was talking with a friend...and she mentioned that two women (that we knew) seemed like polar opposites. She suggested that comparing them would be like comparing-you guessed it- oranges and giraffes.”