The Blue House at Elms

The Blue House will serve as a dedicated space for students interested in poetry, fiction, and literary non-fiction.

The Blue House: A Center for Writers

Students at Elms who are interested in writing have a place to call their own. Located across the street from the Gaylord House, the Blue House provide the resources for students to develop the creative, intellectual, and practical skills for employment while allowing the writing program to grow.

Many students are choosing the writing concentration of the English major because of the distinguished faculty, visiting writers, open microphone sessions, and the opportunity to serve on the staff of Bloom, the student-run literary magazine. In fact, the Bloom staff features students majoring in everything from legal studies to business because they understand the need to write well for their careers.

The Blue House offers students:

  • a central office for Bloom, where all staff and production meetings will be held,
  • a library of literary journals and books,
  • individual dedicated writing spaces,
  • scheduled office hours for students to work on their writing with English faculty,
  • an event space for “open mic” sessions, literary readings, workshops, and lectures by visiting scholars,
  • and several work-study opportunities, including the potential for a student to become a Blue House fellow.