Lauren Fleury

Lauren Fleury, B.S., R.N.

Class of 2017

Berkshire Medical Center

Being a student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is a rigorous and challenging feat.  This first year has strengthened my ability to organize and prioritize.  I have also learned the importance of my classmates support.  This program has shown me the importance of earning a DNP and the benefits it will have on my future patients and the healthcare system.  This program will provide me with the strong scientific underpinnings to allow me to confidently practice.  In the end, the challenges and sacrifices will all be worth it.  

As a student working towards becoming an advanced practice nurse (APRN) with this terminal degree, I have learned that I will be an important facilitator for translating evidence into practice.  This year we learned how to utilize and implement evidenced-based practice.  I found that the role of the APRN is crucial in this process.  These courses teaching evidenced-based practice have also prepared us to be leaders in our profession and organizations.  This program has given me the tools to effectively manage this process which will provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Moving through this program as a cohort has been a positive experience.  It allows you to get to know your classmates, which is a diverse group, and lets you hear a different perspective.  Having established relationships with classmates early has created a useful support system.  This support is essential to keep continued confidence in yourself and to be successful in the course work.  

In conclusion, this year has prepared and taught me how to be a successful DNP student and what the role of the APRN with a DNP degree is.  I’m truly excited to continue this journey and to start to practice in 2017.