Stephanie Lagoy

Stephanie Lagoy, B.S., R.N.

Class of 2017

Baystate Medical Center

Who knew that the title doctor could cause incite so much discussion!  If nurses want to be doctors then why don’t they just go to medical school?  The reality is that nurses do not want to be doctors- nurses desire to be prepared to the highest degree to provide patients with holistic, safe, quality care and remain nurses.  When I enrolled in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program at Elms College I honestly had no idea of the journey that I beginning.  I had never stopped to think about why the nursing profession was encouraging all new NP’s to obtain doctorates.  I quickly learned that the Elms DNP program was created to meet the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) standardized eight essentials that all future DNP’s will be required to master.  Through the standardization of all DNP programs, clarity is provided surrounding the education and training that all DNP have completed.  The standardization of the DNP education will increase the parity APRNS have with other disciplines, which currently require doctoral prepared clinicians.  Wow- I just thought that I was going to learn how to write prescriptions and provide differential diagnoses.  Much to my benefit, I have learned how to implement innovative change in the healthcare system and to translate evidence into practice.  In the future, instead of becoming frustrated when current practice is ineffective, I now have the tools to engage in the process of changing practice to what the most recent evidence supports and by the time I have completed my DNP I will be able to lead and support other nurses to engage in the same process.