MSN Curriculum

Core Curriculum

  • Nursing Knowledge and Practice
  • Translating and Integrating Evidence Into Practice
  • Health Care Policy and Advocacy
  • Leadership and Management

MSN: Nursing Education Track

  • Advanced Diagnostic Analysis, Health and Physical Assessment
  • Advanced Pathophysiology
  • Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Teaching and Evaluation Strategies
  • Curriculum Design, Program Planning, and Evaluation
  • Technology in Nursing Education and Healthcare
  • Technology: Methods and Tools for Graduate Study
  • Nursing Education Practicum I
  • Nursing Education Practicum II

MSN: Nursing and Health Services Management Track

  • Accelerated Business Foundations
  • Global Perspectives in Healthcare Management
  • Business Dynamics of Healthcare
  • Budgeting in Healthcare
  • Managing Human Capital in Healthcare
  • Information Systems in Healthcare and Nursing
  • Techonology: Methods and Tools for Graduate Study
  • Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Practicum I
  • Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Practicum II

MSN/MBA Dual Degree Track*

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Managerial Finance and Data Analysis
  • Gobalization and Social Responsibility
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Current Events - Impact on the Economy
  • Case and Readings in Strategic Management

*Students in the dual degree track complete all courses in the core curriculum and the M.S.N.: Nursing and Health Services


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