RN - BS Programs

In keeping with the mission of Elms College to integrate liberal learning with career preparation, the School of Nursing provides a high quality program for Registered Nurses which builds upon the skills acquired in the RN's entry level nursing program. The RN-BS Degree Completion Program at Elms College prepares graduates who are liberally educated in the arts and sciences and professionally educated in nursing knowledge and evidence-based practice. Taught by an interdisciplinary faculty from the divisions of nursing, humanities, and math/science, this program provides professional nurses with the education and skills needed to practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and to assume leadership positions within a variety of organizational and healthcare settings.

This program accelerates the completion of the B.S. (Nursing) degree through a structured, cohort educational model. The cohort-learning model allows students to progress through a program in a prescribed sequence as an intact supportive group. Nurses, in most practice settings, work as members of interdisciplinary teams rather than professionals in isolation from one another. Thus, the cohort approach emphasizes collaboration and teamwork while learning.

Within the RN-BS degree completion program the student is afforded the opportunity to complete two bridge courses (graduate courses) as a component of the prescribed curriculum.

Classes for this program are scheduled on Mondays from 3:30-9 p.m. for nine semesters over a two year period.

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