Mission Statement: 

The mission of Career Services is to educate and foster connections for Elms College students while delivering comprehensive, innovative, and inclusive programs and opportunities for all students. We achieve this mission through strategic connections with faculty, alumni, employers, social networks, and community partners. 


We empower all students to develop and achieve their career and professional aspirations. 

Core Values

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity 
    • We advocate for all aspects of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We work to ensure people of all identities are respected and valued. 
  • Holistic Approach
    • We recognize the unique needs of each individual person and acknowledge the various factors that influence decision-making and maintain an environment of trust, honesty, and transparency. 
  • Self-Authorship
    • We empower people to use a growth mindset and stay open to all opportunities to further develop their understanding of the world. 
  • Connectivity
    • We make meaningful connections between opportunities, people, resources, and ideas. 

Diversity Statement

Career Services is dedicated to providing an inviting environment where students are empowered to pursue a lifelong career. We celebrate students of all identities as we strive to help individuals feel confident in their career decision-making journey. Career Services is committed to cultivating a community that is inclusive and reflects the diverse background and experiences of Elms College and the surrounding communities.

Commitment to Anti-Racism: 

Career Services denounces and stands against racism. We stand in solidarity with and support Black Lives. We aspire to the highest standards of social responsibility as an office and are committed to instilling values of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice through career education.

Our Services

Our Model for Career Education: 

  1. Explore: 

Your Elms College education will allow you to develop a board range of skills that can be applied to almost any career. Employers in all industries value the abilities to communicate clearly, to work collaboratively with others, and to bring innovative solutions to complex problems. In the explore phase, students are encouraged to learn different perspectives, attend workshops and programs outside of their comfort zone, and dive deep to learn about yourself and find a path that aligns your skills, strengths, and interests to a potential career journey.

  1. Develop: 

Through the ecosystem of career education at Elms College, you will have the ability to develop critical skills and strengths that will prepare you for the 21st-century workforce. Career Services provides the ability to connect with employers in various fields and industries to create multiple communication points. Schedule a practice interview with a career adviser. Attend a program or workshop to develop critical career-related skills. Come get your resume, cover letter, and other job application materials reviewed by our staff members. 

  1. Engage: 

As a Blazer, you will have the opportunity to engage in experiences related to your career development. Career Services will facilitate the connection with employers seeking to hire for internships and full-time positions. Get guidance on building meaningful relationships and skills through various programs delivered in the fall, spring, and summer. 

Career Advising: 

During career advising appointments students receive help from professionals within Career Services to further understand their life after graduation and develop general strategies for moving forward in the direction of their aspirations. Career advising appointments include the following topics to assist students on how to get started: 

  • Explore values, interests, and skills 
  • Gain practical experience 
  • Strategize your job and internship search 
  • Research graduate and professional schools 
  • Leverage your Elms network
  • Develop your 4-year career action plan 
  • Choose a major and explore careers 

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Meet Our Team

  • Justin Monell, M.Ed.

    Director of Career Services

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Justin Monell (He/Him/His) graduated from Springfield College with a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs Administration. Justin has worked in various functional areas of student affairs, career services, and student success. These include the Office of Multicultural Affairs at the University of South Florida, the Center for Advising & Student Success at Florida International University, and recently the Career Connections Center at Clark University.

    Photo of Career Services director Jusin Monell, M.Ed. (He/Him)