Spring Training in Florida



With our new class of 2021 recruits on campus to begin both a new academic and Blazer softball year, I am very excited to share the launch of our new Blazer softball online giving page.

As many of you remember, our annual spring break training trip to Fort Myers, Florida is the major event each year to help get us out of the cold and snowy New England winter and to compete in the warm, sunny and beautiful fields in Florida. Our trip not only provides us the opportunities to play and compete, but to make many memories along the way!  I know I still smile when I think of the times by the hotel pool, the trips to Rib City, catching a Red Sox game and singing loudly in the van!

You may also remember how we commit our time and energy to fundraising to defray the total cost for each player as the cost of the trip continues to rise.

I have a challenge for all to help us achieve our goal for this Spring trip; as you remember your playing days and smile at your Florida memories with your teammates, it would be great if you could contribute any donation to help offset the cost.  The total cost without any fundraising is around $1,300 per player, so any donation you can send would be very helpful.

As we launch this new idea, we also have another chance for you to compete once again, although not in uniform but in the form of dollars!  We are competing against the baseball alumni to have the highest percent of participation.  The winner, which best not be them, will get a bonus of $250.00 into their fundraising account!!

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to support your team and your traditions!

P.S.  I think you will enjoy this video, as it represents Blazer softball; work hard, play hard!

Cheryl Condon
Head Softball Coach