Alumni standing in an Elms College Alumni Facebook photo frame.

What is GOLD Giving?

GOLD Giving (Graduates Of the Last Decade) represents all gifts made to Elms College by its most recent graduates.

Why is it important that members of GOLD Give?

GOLD Alumni represent nearly 25% of all active Elms College Alumni! Colleges and universities are ranked by many variables, including the percentage of alumni who support the College financially. Alumni participation rates influence the awarding of grants from foundations.

How can I give back?

Simply making a gift, of any amount, will up the total of your graduating class’s participation. GOLD donors can make a gift to the Elms in connection with their graduation year in order to qualify as a representative of their class. Here are some examples of those amounts:

Please feel free to use the giving form located below to make a gift today!


  • 2011 = $20.11
  • 2012 = $20.12
  • 2013 = $20.13
  • 2014 = $20.14
  • 2015 = $20.15
  • 2016 = $20.16
  • 2017 = $20.17
  • 2018 = $20.18
  • 2019 = $20.19

I can’t make a donation right now, is there other ways to give back?

Sounds like you are interested in becoming a GOLD Volunteer! If you are interested in learning more about GOLD Volunteering, or would like more information about giving back in-general, please contact Liam Medina at 413-265-2227 or email at