What is the procedure for submitting proof of vaccination?

Please email a copy of your vaccination card to healthcenter@elms.edu for submission.

What is the deadline for providing verification?

The submission deadline for all immunization records, including a record of the COVID-19 vaccinations, is August 15, 2021.

What if I can’t get the vaccine for health reasons?

A conversation with your healthcare provider is recommended if concerned about obtaining the COVID-19 vaccinations due to health reasons. If indicated, the healthcare provider will grant a medical exemption which should be submitted to healthcenter@elms.edu for review.

What if I don’t want the vaccine for religious reasons?

Religious exemptions are written in the form of a personal letter addressed to the Health Center and submitted to healthcenter@elms.edu for review.

Do I need to be vaccinated if I already had COVID-19?

Yes. Anyone who previously had COVID-19 will still be required to be vaccinated. The immunity acquired post-infection lasts about 90 days. The immunity acquired post-vaccination lasts much longer.

What if I only have one dose before the deadline?

Submission of the complete series of COVID-19 vaccinations is required. Partial vaccinations are not acceptable. 

Will testing still take place on campus in the fall?

More information about testing will come in the summer.

Will fully vaccinated students have to still wear masks?

The ElmsSafe plan will be updated with CDC and Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines, as they become updated this summer, and communicated to the College community.

Will Elms College be providing vaccinations?

At this time Elms College is not providing vaccinations. However, there are numerous locations in our area to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations. For more information please visit https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-vaccination-locations

What if I have concerns about the vaccine’s safety?

The following websites provide information on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine: