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Spring 2022 Academic Calendar

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Health and Safety Protocols and Screenings

  • Wearing of face coverings is required by all students while on the Elms campus. Individuals can supply their own face covering or use the face covering they are provided upon arrival to campus.
    • In accordance with Massachusetts state guidance, students, faculty, and staff must wear a face covering even where 6 feet of distance can be maintained from others. Students attending classes in-person are also required to wear face coverings. In the event that a student is unable to wear a face covering due to a “medical or disabling condition,” documentation must be provided.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at entrances to all buildings, classrooms, and dining hall. Surfaces must be wiped down before every use with the disposable wipes available in all bathrooms, classrooms, and other shared facilities.
  • The Elms Safe Agreement will need to be submitted by ALL students (residents, commuters, and students enrolled through our community college partners) via a Google Form for review before the start of the semester.
  • Online training for ALL students, including those taking classes totally online, must be completed and a liability waiver signed before returning to campus.
  • In addition to The Elms Safe Agreement, resident students will be subject to a health screening prior to moving into the residence halls. Students with virus symptoms will not be allowed to move in.
  • When walking in the hallways, please stay as far right as you can and keep as much distance between you and whoever else is in the hall. A face covering should be worn when passing others.
  • For restrooms that have multiple stalls, only two people are allowed in at a time. Flags will indicate room occupancy and availability. Always wash your hands after using the restroom. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice per day according to CDC and MA DPH guidelines.
  • Only one person may enter and use an elevator at a time. Please use stairs whenever possible. If you are using the elevator, you must wear your face covering and avoid touching the elevator buttons with your exposed fingers, if possible. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when leaving the elevator.
  • Each lab space can only accommodate a restricted number of students at a time. Before using, students should wipe down that space with the cleaning supplies provided. At no time should a student use their own cleaning chemicals as mixing those chemicals with the ones being used at Elms could be harmful or hazardous.
  • All students will be expected to monitor and record any symptoms they have daily. Any positive symptoms must be immediately reported to the Health Center for consultation.
  • The Counseling Center will continue to provide consultations, referrals and resources to all students.
  • Face-to-face individual psychotherapy will be available for full-time undergraduate students on days the Counseling Center director is physically present in her office.

Teaching and Learning

General Instructor and Student Considerations:

  • Undergraduate Programs: In-person instruction will be the default delivery method, except for courses and programs specifically designed to be online.
  • Graduate Programs: Graduate Programs have the option of providing ElmsFlex, in person and synchronous zoom instruction. Approval is required from the appropriate dean and VPAA. Instructors should check in with the appropriate dean or program director for specific information about your course(s). Note: Some graduate programs have been designated fully online and will use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
    • Classroom Environment: 
      • Classroom seating capacities will return to pre-pandemic levels.
      • Masks will be required to be worn by students and the instructor.
      • Healthy Roster will be required for verifying student compliance.

Non-classroom and experiential learning experiences—Clinicals, student teaching, practicum, etc.

  • Non-classroom learning experiences, as much as practicable, and as dictated by external partners, will be held in-person. 
  • Internships and undergraduate research as much as practicable, and as dictated by external partners, will be held in-person.

Residence Life

Students who are still interested in housing should contact Residence Life (reslife@elms.edu). Only one student will be assigned to each room, but returning students may request a roommate if they prefer. All students will be charged the lower, semi-private room rate, the typical double room rate.

Only residents are permitted in the Residence Halls after move-in day. Residents will be permitted to have one guest (another Elms resident student) at a time in their room. Residents are encouraged to keep their rooms sanitized and cleaned. High touch points outside of the residential room will be cleaned daily by the custodial team.

All rooms will have received a thorough cleaning prior to students moving in. The college will provide Lysol wipes, a face covering, and disposable gloves in every student room during move in.

Moving in

For health and safety measures, students will be moving in by floor between January 22 – January 23, 2021. Residents will receive their move in day and time, along with detailed instructions, through their Elms email. 

Students will be assigned a 3-hour move-in window, and may bring up to three (3) guests to assist them. Everyone (residents and guests) must be wearing a face covering and practice physical distancing during move-in, and guests are required to leave as soon as the 3-hour window ends.

Students are expected to self-quarantine at home for 14 days prior to their move-in. Students will receive a COVID-19 test upon arrival to campus. After moving in, students will quarantine for 24-48 hours in their rooms while they await their COVID-19 test results. Meals will be delivered to students during this time.

Student Activities

Student meetings, in-person training, workshops, programs, gatherings, club meetings

  • No more than 10 people wearing face coverings and following physical distancing (6 feet between individuals) are allowed to congregate for meetings.
  • Virtual options will be available for meetings.
  • Student lockers for commuters: Students will sign out the lockers and empty the locker and remove the lock at the end of each semester. 
  • Student game room occupancy will be limited per guidelines, and all equipment must be wiped down before use.
  • The CARE Team will continue to operate with virtual meetings of the committee, addressing student concerns as they are submitted. Students will be contacted virtually or in-person as appropriate to continue to provide CARE team support.
  • Off campus volunteer service- If organizations are accepting volunteers or service workers, students may continue to provide volunteer service and/or get paid for work study off campus service (if eligible), following all the necessary safety guidelines put in place by the college and the off campus organization. (This is subject to change as required for health and safety reasons.) 

Use of Common Spaces

Common Spaces in Residence Halls and Library

Furniture in common spaces in the residential facilities will be organized such that social distancing can be honored. Furniture should not be moved at any time. Before using any furniture (study tables, etc.) the student should wipe their space down with the cleaning supplies provided in each space. Students should never bring their own supplies as inadvertent mixing with other chemicals may be harmful or hazardous. High touch points in common spaces will be cleaned daily by the custodial team.

College Bookstore

Only 18 customers are allowed to be in the bookstore at any one time. Floor markers at the register will ensure proper social distancing when standing in line to purchase items. Surfaces in the store will be cleaned throughout the day.

Dining Hall

The dining hall will have a limit on the number of students who can occupy it at one time. Only resident students (identifiable by their green lanyards) who are eating from the servery can enter and occupy the dining hall. Face coverings must be worn at all times except when eating. Plexi-glass will be installed at every table to divide it into quads. Students must sit at the table within one quad section to eat. When standing in line to enter, students must maintain 6 ft of distance between each other as identified by markings on the floor. Aramark will sanitize tables between uses.

Dining Hall Annex

The dining hall annex is reserved for commuter students and faculty and staff (identifiable by their blue and black lanyards, respectively), ONLY. A limited number of students and faculty can occupy the space at a time. Spaces that honor social distancing protocol will be marked off and should be stayed within at all times. Before using the space, the student should wipe it down with the cleaning supplies provided.

Dining Hall Servery

The Aramark cashier will monitor the number of students in the servery at any one time, allowing a maximum of 24. Students should use the touchless swipe reader before entering. A face coveringis required to be worn at all times while in the servery. After selecting food, you must exit to the right of the beverage station to re-enter the dining room. All food will be served in to-go containers and will be served or pre-packed by the Aramark staff. Aramark will sanitize the servery throughout the day.

Starbucks Cafe

Starbucks will offer quick meals consisting of an entree, two sides and a drink. Meal swipes may be used throughout the day for these meals and may be taken back to residence hall rooms to eat. Additionally, Starbucks will offer some items for sale for the convenience of residents to minimize any reason to leave campus. Floor markers at the register will ensure proper social distancing when standing in line to purchase items.

Maguire Fitness Center and Pool

The fitness center will follow the opening guidelines published by the State of Massachusetts. As the state issues more guidelines for this type of business operation, Elms will review and adopt as appropriate.

Mail Room and Print Center

When retrieving mail or packages, please follow social distancing protocols and wear a face covering. High touch points like mail boxes will be cleaned and sanitized once per day. After touching your mail or mailbox, you should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Ricoh will clean surfaces daily.