Healthcare Innovation MBA

Invest in yourself, invest in your future.

Today’s healthcare organizations are tasked with constantly lowering costs, improving quality, expanding access, and increasing efficiency, making leaders who can guide the healthcare system into the future a valued and highly sought-after commodity. To lead and manage changing business models requires an agile and forward looking approach. The Elms Healthcare Innovation MBA is focused on developing the complex skill set needed to seize new opportunities, create new products, practices and services in this rapidly changing environment. Let the Elms MBA be your pathway to transformative innovation leadership.

Students in this MBA track will learn to evaluate feasibility of ideas, formulate innovative healthcare proposals, and make recommendations to effectively facilitate adoption of new practices and technologies. They will gain leadership skills to lead the transformation from traditional organizational cultures into a culture of innovation. They will emerge from this program ready to identify misalignments in healthcare systems — and to develop business models that respond to those misalignments.

But they will do more than study innovation from a theoretical perspective: All students in the healthcare innovation track will also participate in the Lean LaunchPad, a methodology that offers hands-on, real-world experience in a startup venture.

In the healthcare and life sciences fields, Lean LaunchPad teaches innovators, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and scientists how to assess whether their idea or technology can serve as the basis for business. The focus of the course is on the marketplace, where an idea must be validated to move into the commercial world. Teams of students will gather data essential to customer purchases before doing the science; define clinical utility now, before spending millions of dollars; identify financing vehicles before they’re needed; and assess regulatory risk before they design and build.

This program begins in the fall 2017 semester. Foundation courses for students entering with a non-business background will begin in June 2017.




Healthcare Leadership MBA

The Healthcare Leadership track provides students with a core of business courses and advanced study needed to lead organizations in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Graduates are able to pursue careers in all disciplines of healthcare, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations

A full-time student, taking two courses per semester, will complete this program in 18-months.